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Update on 2021 so far...


I am conscious that I have not published many new posts recently, that is because I have been doing a ton of stuff behind the scenes.  Here is summary of what I have been up to so far this year….


Parallax is a bit of coding that helps an image become dynamic and move around with text or lets a web designer be creative with positioning images and applying filters.  I have learnt how to implement parallax and have created section headers like the hedgehog above and created some cool end credits that will appear at the end our movie reviews.

Review Criteria

I sat down and created a framework for movie, product, and days out reviews. I have been busy implementing this framework to adjust all our reviews to make The Silver Hedgehog consistent.  Each review is given a score out of 10 and a rating.  A summary box detailing the score is located at the end of each review.

Image Editing

The featured images on the site have all sorts of weird and wonderful sizes, most had been cropped by the theme I am using and look odd. I have revisited some basic image editing skills (that I have not needed to use for 15 years) and I am currently adjusting the sizes of each featured image. This will prevent the images from being cropped. Not only this but I have also created a small logo showing a review rating that will appear on relevant featured images throughout the site.

Example featured image with new rating logo

Post Counter

I am adding a post counter to the site, each post now has a small counter at the top indicating how many views it has received.

Reading Time Notification

Now each post displays an estimation of how many minutes it will take to read. Perfect for when you only have a few minutes to fill.

Site Speed

I have started to look into ways to make the site respond little faster, so I have activated some caching in the background. I plan to continue revisit this later in the year

Search Engine Optimisation S.E.O

This one is a big part of the site and involves a lot of work. I have passed a course in the basics of SEO that means I should be able to improve how search engines understand the site. This in turn provides better search rankings and hopefully more visits to The Silver Hedgehog.

I am in the process of revisiting every post so far and making SEO friendly adjustments. This not only includes the text of each post but also the images. Making sure that every image has descriptions and alt text.  SEO optimisation does not give quick results but over time it will make a big difference. Since I started the optimisation work The Silver Hedgehog ratings have moved from and average Google search position of 53 to 31!

Google Rankings before and during SEO…

SEO Rankings


I am hoping to start a quarterly newsletter to email subscribers, detailing popular posts and special offers form contributors to the blog.  I have created a subscription box that is being placed on every page.

Pop Ups.

We all know pop ups can be both annoying and useful! As part of my post updates I have created a special offer pop up that appears on posts such as NJT Blinds or Octopus Energy, highlighting offers available.
If I gain a commission from any offers this will clearly be displayed.

Thank You


Finally I would like to Thank you for being one of the many people who have viewed the site site since I launched it as a personal challenge to myself in 2020.  I have some more new content planned and will be live soon!

Page Views Since Launching The Silver Hedgehog: A Blog and Review Site

Website Views

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