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An Interview With The S.H

Our Editor-In-Chief  JJ, talks to Garry aka The Silver Hedgehog, to find out what the site is about….

JJ – Hi Garry, I  mean Silver Hedgehog, first of all what’s with the name?

S.H – When I came up with the idea to write a blog, I wanted it to have a cool name. Most websites you see have a name that is two words or two syllables, like Funky Pigeon, Purple Bricks. I knew I wanted a colour and an object. Brown Cube, Silver Pen, The Blue Rug, didn’t cut it.  Then I saw, on our floor, a hand made knitted doorstop given to us by my sister in law a few years ago, it was a knitted silver hedgehog, and I thought that’s the name

The Original Silver Hedgehog

JJ – Why write a blog?

S.H- It was that period between Christmas 2019 and the new year, the time when everyone thinks about joining a gym.  I had written something on a Facebook post and remember thinking to myself, my spelling is bad.  Spelling was atrocious, grammar was non-existent. I realised I didn’t want my online presence to be badly worded posts and decided I would do something about it. I set myself a 52 Blog challenge to improve my writing style, spelling & grammar.

JJ – What’s a 52 Blog challenge?

S.H – I had the crazy Idea of setting myself a challenge of writing 1 blog a day, Family talked me down from this and I revised my challenge to 1 blog a week for a year, hence the 52 blog challenge.  Covid got in the way a bit, but I’m catching back up.

JJ- What is your blog about?

I set up the blog without an idea of what I would write about. I gave myself 2 rules:

Rule 1– don’t make the blog generic. What I mean by that is don’t make the blog about what I ate for dinner, or here is a photo of a pudding, quite frankly that’s what Facebooks is for!

Rule 2 – Write about something useful, something that would benefit others and go from there.

As the year has progressed I have written days out reviews, info on fraud, features on topics I find interesting and most recently blogs to raise awareness of local businesses that are struggling through the Covid pandemic

JJ – Will you continue the blog after the 52 challenge?

S.H – At the moment I have no idea. It may be something to ask my blog readers, see if they would like it to carry on.

JJ – Can people get in touch with you?

S.H – Absolutely, I love to read comments from people that read the blog, and I am open to content suggestions. I will leave the comments open and you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.Check out my Facebook page here or tweet me @silverhhog

Edited by JJ, Photo Silver H Hog.