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I love illustrations and my style leans heavily into this.

Harrison Talbot (Gr8White Designs)

The Hedgehog caught up with recent graduate Harrison Talbot and the launch of his graphic design business Ge8white Designs…

Hi Harrison Welcome to The Silver Hedgehog, Tell us about your business…

Hi Hedgehog, I offer a full suite of design services via my company Gr8white Designs.

Oooo I like your name, how did you come up with the Gr8wghite designs… Are you a Top Predator in the design world 😊?

Yes of course, when I was researching potential ideas for my new brand, I came across an image of a Great White Shark. I was struck by the colours in the image.  The more I thought about it the more the shark fascinated me.  I started drawing the shark in my graphical style and it’s just the perfect fit. So it became my company name and logo.

When did start Gr8white Designs?

I started it at University whilst I was studying Graphic design.  Lockdown had inspired increasing numbers of people to start their own businesses.  I thought it would be a great idea to see how I could help, so I started designing logos and it has gone on from there.  I have just finished Uni with a 2-1 and I plan to grow Gr8white into something I am proud of!

Harrison, that sounds like a brilliant way for you to get started. What types of businesses have you helped so far?

I have helped all sorts of organisations and businesses since I started, the most notable are the NHS Heroes Facebook group.  Whilst I keep my business clients private, I can say that I supported a Jeweller with their Logo concept.  In this case they had an idea, and I was able to take that idea and turn it into something professional that they could use, both instore and online. Needless to say they are extremely grateful of my services.

When you start working with a new client what services do you offer.

I can offer a totally bespoke design service.  My services change depending on client need. It could be helping them with creating a website or logo through to complete suite of graphics.
I also offer design services to individuals, such as, drawings, illustrations, birthday cards, wedding cards, brochures, letters. Basically, if you need anything designed – come to me at Gr8 White Designs.

Looking at your work I love your graphical style, what influences you in your designs?

I love illustrations and my style leans heavily into this, my creations always have a certain level of drawn quality to them.  I love lots of colours and pay a close eye to the detail; drawings that you can spot something new in each time you look at it. I also keep a watch on the latest trends, in the design world it is important to stay relevant without losing your own identity.

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  1. Like all your reviews I really enjoy the prospect of reading a clear sensible piece of writing.
    What a clever young man it just shows how you can do anything when you try and but your talent out into the world.

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