Edens Weigh
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“It’s Zero Waste Shopping!! Every container you fill saves at least 1 piece of single use plastic going to landfill or ending up in the ocean”

Kat Poynton

I am supporting local businesses by giving them a shout out on my blog. 

In this blog  is Edens Weigh – Walsall. The Hedgehog caught up with Kat & Mark Poynton, a husband and wife team launching the brand new business.

Hi Kat & Mark welcome to The Silver Hedgehog, tell us about your business…

We are a zero waste shop, our main ethos is to reduce single use plastics and encourage people to reuse, recycle and use alternatives to plastics

Eden’s Weigh sounds fantastic, what do you sell?

We sell beans, grains, pulses, rice, pasta, baking ingredients, cereals, loose teas, fair trade coffee, plastic free kitchen, body and cleaning products. Most of our stock is organic, gluten free, vegan, cruelty free or vegetarian. We offer a plastic free, guilt free shopping experience, with alternatives to plastic sanitary products and plastic straws for example.

Eden’s Weigh Location

21 Bradford Mall,

Saddlers Shopping Centre



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Why choose Walsall for your location?

Why Walsall? We were both born in Walsall, there is nothing like this in the town and we feel it is something very much needed in our community now, more then ever.

What’s are your opening hours?

Please check our website for our latest opening hours.

Covid lockdowns have had a serious impact on trading, how are you coping?

We launched our business right as the first lockdown took hold. Through word of mouth and social media we have gained a fantastic loyal customer base. Our customers have stood by us brilliantly. So much so we ave been able to launch a click and collect service. I would ask that people look at our social media channels for details.  We have also launched a blog providing updates on our progress!!

Eden’s Weigh – More Info

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