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 It’s no understatement to say I have enjoyed immensely creating, designing, and writing the blogs over the last 12 months.


A year ago I had an idea to start a blog. I set myself the challenge to write 1 blog a week (52 blogs for the year) I had no idea what they would be, how they would look, and I did not expect the Covid Pandemic!

I started with a free WordPress account, and then purchased the domain name.  My first blog – a review on Bear Grylls Adventure Birmingham. Then I set up the Facebook group, created a Twitter account and continued to post a few more blogs.

In August I moved the site to a brand new web host and with the help of our Editor JJ completely redesigned the site, this gave me more content capacity and as a result I wrote my first ever film review – Rocketman, followed up with a series of features for music streaming services.

The Covid pandemic got in the way of writing some days out reviews that I had planned, so instead I came up with the idea to showcase local companies instead. What amazes me is the enthusiasm I have seen both from the blog readers and business owners.

Over the last 12 months I have had some fantastic milestones, such as learning new skills, WordPress web design, Structured Data Markups, as well as getting a handle on Google Analytics.

Also in August a Teacher got in touch and asked me to help host some Geography resources ( I was very happy to support).

Towards the end of the year I added to my series of Fraud Awareness Specials and continued to write film reviews with the site gaining a link on IMDB, and I published a mini review of Heathers on Cinema Paradiso extending the Hedgehog’s profile further.

So I may not have achieved the 52 blogs I set out to write, but I feel I have achieved so much more.  It’s no understatement to say I have enjoyed immensely creating, designing, and writing the blogs over the last 12 months.

Several People have asked have asked if I am going to continue in 2021, and the answer is a resounding YES! I would love to carry on in 2021, I am currently thinking about ideas on how I can extend the site into a podcast and potentially a YouTube channel.

I could not have achieved all this without your support, so thank you for reading, commenting and engaging with the content I have written.

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Thank you S.H

Website Visitor Stats 2020

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Views 4,583

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