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The Craft Film Review

The Craft (1996) Film Review and Summary

NOW STREAMING ON: Powered by JustWatch Content List Introduction Script and Screenplay Stand Out Casting Sound/ Music/ Score Visual Effects Video Quality Overall Thoughts “Relax, it’s only magic.” Introduction To The Craft It’s the mid 1990’s, the X-files had stoked the supernatural fire, the Fortean Times was rife with aliens, ghosts and anything of a…

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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man (2020) Film Review

Myself and JJ started watching The Invisible Man with a conversation about Horror films. I like horror films such as Saw, Carrie, Train To Busan. What really freaks me out is psychological horror, the kind that tortures your mind leaves you in suspense and then hits you hard, films like original IT, Women In Black, Black Swan, Disturbia. JJ on the other hand prefers these psychological thrillers while I hide under a cushion! Here is The Silver Hedgehog review of The Invisible Man….

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