The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast Ep6 : Green Screen Secondhand Lions

Welcome To Our Podcast :Episode 6 In this episode, The Podcast Team Review and Discuss Secondhand Lions A coming-of-age story about a shy, young boy sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his wealthy, eccentric uncles in Texas. This is a Green Screen Episode. That means at least one of us is…

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Podcast episode 5 Interview David Skato

The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast Ep5: Interview with David Skato

Welcome To Our Podcast :Episode 5 In this episode Garry interviews Writer, Director, Producer David Skato We talk about his love of Filmmaking and Writing (and being a fan of Marvel). Afterwards I review Skato’s new film Once Upon A Lifetime On With The Hogcast Meet your Host and Guest An office worker by day…

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Ep 4 Carson Grant

The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast Ep4: Interview with Carson Grant (Actor)

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast In this episode Garry interviews US Actor  Carson Grant We talk about his 400 acting credits, life in LA, advice for young actors, and what historical figure he would go for a drink with and what they would talk about. Its a cracking interview and well…

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Episode 3 Rambo

The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast Ep3: Green Screen: Rambo

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast In this episode we launch Green Screen: RAMBO ‘Green Screen:’ is a podcast episode where one team member reviews a film they have never seen before, hence Green Screen.. Episode Contents 0:00 Intro 1:05 Guest Stuart Tonks Intro 3:17 Guest Chelsea Brownridge 6:10 What is the…

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Episode 2 David Moore Interview

The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast Ep2: Interview : David Moore

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast In this episode I talk to David about Sandfields pumping station, how it’s saved Britain from the cholera epidemic and how David is now, saving the legacy of that building… Episode Contents 0:00 – Intro 1:39 – What is Sandfields Pumping Station 8:57 – What is…

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A Call To Spy Podcast

The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast Ep1: Film Review: A Call To Spy

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast In this episode I introduce the Hogcast, talk about how The Silver Hedgehog reviews films and provide my first ever podcast film review of ‘A Call To Spy’ Episode Contents 0:00 – Episode 1 Intro 1:17 – Why and How I Review Films 4:16 – What…

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