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Screen Goo 2.0 High Contrast

Screen Goo Product Review

I have been creating a home cinema, each time adding or upgrading components. Next up our product review of screen goo projector paint…

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Nest E Box

Nest Thermostat E Product Review

We are on a quest to make our home as smart as possible, from video doorbells to voice-controlled audio systems. Next on our hit list was to upgrade our thermostat from a dumb manually operated cream box on the wall, to a smart thermostat.
Smart thermostats offer many benefits, such as automatic scheduling, promises of saving energy and integration with various smart platforms, meaning you can literally ask Alexa, Google, or in some case Siri to turn the heating on.

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Gallo A'Diva

Gallo Acoustics A’Diva Review

In the quest to make TV’s flatter than a pancake on shrove Tuesday, certain sacrifices need to be made – the most obvious being sound quality. Here is The Silver Hedgehog Product review of Gallo Acoustics.

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Cinema Paradiso Logo

Cinema Paradiso (Disc Rental Service)

In this blog I am discussing cinema Paradiso, the DVD/Blu Ray rental service that launched in 2003 ,by die hard movie fans. Its main focus is that of a disc based rental service for Movies and TV Shows.

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Tidal Featured Image

Tidal Review

I am reviewing a music streaming service that is very much geared towards delivering a quality listening experience, but does it deliver? Here is my TIDAL review……

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NJT Blinds Featured Header

NJT Blinds

I am supporting local businesses by introducing them on my blog. Next up is NJT Blinds. A family owned business based in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

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Apple Music Header

Apple Music Review

I have created a series of Music Streaming service reviews, Next up is Apple Music, Apple basically invented the online music business with iTunes back in 2001…

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Amazon Music

Amazon Music Review

I have created a series of Music Streaming service Reviews, Next up is Amazon…. Eager to promote its emerging entertainment strategy, Amazon launched ‘Amazon Music’ in 2007…..

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Spotify Header

Spotify Review

The Silver Hedgehog Spotify product review. This is probably the best known of the music services being discussed in this blog. Spotify was founded on a ‘music for everyone’ ethos. To this end they have really succeeded in achieving this. The service is ubiquitous located on pretty much any major streaming device…..

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Octopus Energy Logo

Octopus Energy

UPDATED 06/01/2020 I discuss Octopus my thoughts on Octopus Energy

This is an ongoing report on Octopus Energy. I discuss my switching experience and on going customer service since choosing Octopus as our energy supplier.

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