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2021 Update

Update on 2021 so far… I am conscious that I have not published many new posts recently, that is because I have been doing a ton of stuff behind the scenes.  Here is summary of what I have been up to so far this year…. Parallax. Parallax is a bit of coding that helps an…

Bloodshot Recommended

Bloodshot Movie Review

With the behemoth that is Marvel Studios dominating the Super Hero genre and DC just about picking up the scraps, is there room for a new entrant into this world?  Not content with Spiderman, Sony Studios have bagged the distribution rights for the Valiant Comics Universe with the first origin story being ‘Bloodshot’…

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Rocketman Film Review

Here is our review on the brilliant Rocketman.
In its essence, Rocketman is a Biopic showing the transformation of a child named Reginald Dwight through to the pop icon that is Elton John. The movie charts his troubled formative childhood years that shows us glimpses of his genius, through to teenage years and young adult angst…..