Green Screen

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast

In this episode we launch Green Screen: RAMBO

Green Screen is a podcast episode where one team member reviews a film they have never seen before, hence Green Screen..


Episode Contents

0:00 – Intro
Silver Hedgehog Hogcast
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podcast host Garry

An office worker by day and blogger by night. Garry is the creator, writer and host of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast.
A Sci-Fi geek (don’t mention Terry Pratchett or Isaac Asimov unless you have a spare hour) and avid film fan.
Enjoys writing reviews and blogs in his spare time, and is waiting for the day he gets paid for it!

Garry Llewellyn

Hogcast Host
Stuart Tonks

A seasoned podcaster who’s previous exploits include the ‘Drunken Menace’ podcast. Just like Yoda, Stuart has a zen like understanding of all things Film and Star Wars. The only thing Stuart likes more than Star Wars are getting to the end of a movie without falling Asleep, oh and showing of his dad bod whilst on holiday…

Stuart Tonks

Hogcast Host

A curly haired dinosaur lover, who enjoys learning…for fun.
Has have been known to spend weekends in the 15th century (medieval re-enactment). Constantly baffled by technology. Enjoys classic TV shows and movies.
Also wishes Sean Bean would stop being killed every five mins!
As a Qualified Yoga instructor Chelsea also hosts the ‘Not Just Yoga’ podcast discussing Yoga and other things, give it a listen!

Chelsea Brownridge

Hogcast Host

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