Podcast episode 5 Interview David Skato
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Welcome to Episode 5 of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast

In this episode Garry interviews Film, Writer, Director, Producer David Skato

We talk about his love of Filmmaking and Writing (and being a fan of Marvel). Afterwards I review Skato’s new film Once Upon A Lifetime

On with the Hogcast…

Meet Your Host and Guest…

podcast host Garry

An office worker by day and blogger by night. Garry is the creator, writer and host of The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast.
A Sci-Fi  and avid film fan.

Garry Llewellyn

Hogcast Host
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Episode Contents

0:00 Intro

2:00 Hello Carson Grant

10:30 Carson’s Switch

15:20 What Would Lee Strasberg Say?

16:44 Stage or Screen?

18:00 What Would you Tell Your Younger Self to avoid or Do Differently?

26:26 What Has Been Your Favourite Job?

31:55 What Does The Future Hold?

40:00 Senior With Service Animals

46:20 What Historical Figure Would You Choose To Join For A Drink

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Hogcast Extras

Click here for the Once Upon A Lifetime Review
Find out more about David Skato on IMDB
Distributed by Vision Films...
Visit David's Website...

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